Data Analytics

Find the right location for your business, derived from employee, customer and places considerationsPowered by Data


Who are your ideal employees and Personas?

  • Positions/Role Titles?
  • Lifestyle choices?
  • Socioeconomic characteristics?
  • Education?

What convinces people to work for your organization?

  • Where do they live?
  • Where are they moving?
  • Commute times?
  • Other factors?

Other important labor considerations?

  • What does this labor costs?
  • What is the talent pool size?
  • What competitors are in the area competing for this labor?


Who are your customers?

  • Age, Income, Race, and other Demographics?
  • Lifestyle choices?
  • Socioeconomic characteristics?
  • Education?

What convinces them to buy?

  • Where do they live and where do they travel?
  • Daytime and Nighttime movement?

Other important considerations?

  • Customer population growth or decline?
  • Who is in the area competing for these customers?
  • Complementary Businesses?


What nearby places strengthen or threaten your business?

  • Competitor, Vendor or Customers?
  • Complementary Businesses?
  • Airports, Water Ports or Rail Lines?
  • Access to major roadways?
  • Vehicle Counts per Day?
  • Public Transit?
  • Schools?
  • Event Centers, Malls, Sport Venues
  • Lakes, Rivers, Mountains, Monuments

Data Sources

Global accuracy you can trust:

Authoritative demographic sources to give you confidence in your data—globally and locally. Esri’s data & Tableau analytics ensure you are always accessing the best available data on the market.

Ready-to-use data without data prep:  Spend less time prepping data and more time for decision-making. Variety of data formats to fit your needs, including demographic maps, data services, reports, infographics, and tabular data.

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