Oxford Agents:      Matt Rogers

We are pleased to announce that we were able to help a growing client with unique needs find a suitable property to purchase. Among other benefits, we were able to help them limit their up-front expenses which enabled them to invest more heavily in their inventory. We also had a zoning issue to navigate due to the location of the property.  We used our network of resources and colleagues to dive into loan structures that allowed them to achieve their objectives. After interviewing potential 3rd party vendors to help navigate the zoning issue, we were able to close and gave them a property that will sustain them for the foreseeable future.

Property Type: Industrial
Tenant Industry: Natural Disaster Relief
Size: 100k sf on 32 acres
Submarket: South Beltway

Other Rights worth mentioning:

Prior to closing, this group was leasing half the property.  We did a short term lease with a secured first right of refusal to purchase, which they ultimately exercised.   

Services or Solutions worth mentioning:

Made introduction to the bank they used and helped find the type of loan they needed.  Spent a lot of time meeting with civil engineers, architects, Pearland specialists, and with the Pearland development council to obtain approval for the intended use of the property.  

Matt Rogers

(713) 858-3764