Negotiating a commercial lease renewal can be complex, but with Oxford Partners, you gain an edge. As tenant-only negotiators, we level the playing field, ensuring you secure favorable terms and significant cost savings.

Our Services Include:

  • Expertly Negotiated Terms: Achieve the best lease renewal terms and rates.
  • Free-Rent Options: Significantly lower your renewal expenses.
  • Construction Allowances: Tailor your space to meet your exact needs.
  • Additional Benefits: Enjoy extra credits and concessions in your lease agreement.


Why Choose Us?

  • Proactive Approach: By renewing early, you may secure better lease terms and take advantage of market conditions. 
  • Market Insights: Our constant market monitoring ensures we identify the right time to begin lease renewal negotiations. 
  • Customized Solutions: We tailor our services to your unique leasing needs, budget, and growth trajectory.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Early renewal can lead to substantial savings. Our unmatched negotiation skills ensure you get the best value.


We’ll provide the following support:

  1. Detailed market analysis supported by lease comps
  2. Renewal financial projections to show you what a deal might look like
  3. Abstract and redline of your current lease to identify areas for improvement


1. If your rent is above current market levels

If you feel your rent may be above market, or above the current comps for your area, an early renewal may be a way to see an immediate rent reduction and rent savings

2. If Your Space Needs are Consistent

If you do not anticipate large changes to your square footage needs over the course of the lease, it can make sense to lock in favorable terms for longer.

3. If Market Volatility Is Expected

When economic, geopolitical or other market drivers begin showing signs of volatility it can make sense to look at ways to mitigate risk in your real estate leases.

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