Oxford Agents:      Vincent Vega & Chase McAteer 

We are pleased to announce we helped a client relocate their Energy Corridor office to a new property in Park Ten. They were fed up dealing with poor property management in their previous building and ready for a  fresh start. Our client still had 9 months left on their lease, but they wanted to move right away if possible. We were able to find a building that was affordable and willing to provide 9 months of abated rent upfront. This allowed our client to relocate immediately without paying for double rent.

Property Type: Class B Office
Tenant Industry: Employment Benefits
Size: 2,036 sf
Submarket: Katy Freeway West
Renewal/Relocation/Purchase/Sale/New Location:
Free Rent: 9 months up front
Negotiated Discount: 14%
Parking: 3 reserved spaces
Renewal Option: Yes
Sublease Rights: Yes

Other Rights worth mentioning:

Lowered hold over from 200% to 150%. Right to sublease space[

Vincent Vega

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Chase McAteer

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