Specialized Commercial Real Estate Brokers & Agents – At Your Service

When dealing with complex commercial real estate issues you need a specialized broker or agent guiding the way. Our team specializes in assisting occupiers of office and industrial commercial properties. If you are beginning a search for new commercial office or industrial space our experienced team of Commercial Real Estate Brokers and Agents are here to help. Contact us today and we will get started immediately on assessing your needs and showing you our unique approach to managing commercial transactions.

Why Hire a Specialized Tenant Representation Broker?

When hiring a Commercial Real Estate Broker or Agent there are some key attributes to look for. Working with the experienced specialists at Oxford Partners guarantees:

  1. You are partnering with a Commercial Broker or Agent that only represents occupiers of space – never landlords
  2. We will act as a True 100% Advocate for Occupiers of Commercial Office and Industrial space
  3. We are Dedicated to the Best Interests of the Tenant or Buyer – Our Client
  4. We will never lease or manage commercial buildings for Landlords
  5. We will never “double-dip” on commissions by representing both parties

If you’re looking for an experienced Commercial Real Estate Broker or Agent, and need someone that will look out for your best interests, get in touch with us today.

We believe the best choice for any commercial tenant is to hire a broker which specializes in their type of property, and which is dedicated to working only with tenants and buyers. Our clients know they are working with commercial real estate agents that know the office and industrial markets. We are able to show our clients all available options in the market, and provide unbiased guidance and advice.