Tailored Commercial Real Estate Solutions

At Oxford Partners we recognize the uniqueness of each client’s real estate needs. Our tailored solutions cater to specific situations and business goals, from start-ups to enterprises with extensive portfolios. With a wealth of experience, we adapt our approach to meet your specific challenges.

Explore our range of best-in-class services and see how we transform your real estate goals into reality.


Renew / Renew Early

As tenant-only negotiators, we level the playing field, ensuring you secure favorable terms and significant cost savings.

Relocate / Relocate Early

Finding the perfect location can transform your business, boosting productivity, brand visibility, and staff satisfaction.


We understand that business growth means evolving your space needs. We provide expert guidance and support to ensure your expansion is strategic and seamless.


We recognize the complexities and strategic importance of downsizing. Our commercial real estate expertise ensures your business remains agile and efficient during this transition.

Sublease / Terminate

Navigating the complexities of subleasing or terminating a lease requires deep industry knowledge and strategic insights. We offer comprehensive support to simplify the process.

Purchases & Sales


Whether expanding your business or diversifying an investment portfolio, Oxford Partners guides you through the property acquisition journey.


Selling commercial real estate requires expertise in market dynamics, strategic planning, and negotiation skills. We guide property owners through the process ensuring a timely sale.

Other Services

Portfolio Management

We support clients with 20 or more locations to better manage their real estate needs. Lease administration, date notifications, standardized processes, and more.

Data Analytics

Data analysis is crucial for maintaining competitiveness and agility in today’s marketplace. Oxford Partners empowers your business with actionable insights, enabling strategic decisions made with confidence.

Economic Incentives

Navigating the world of economic incentives is crucial for businesses looking to expand their workforce or undertake significant capital expenditures. We’re here to guide you through this intricate process.