Oxford Agents:      Chase McAteer & Vincent Vega

When Chase and Vincent started the relocation process with this group at the beginning of the year, they were needing a much larger space. When COVID hit they realized that much of their administrative staff could work remotely. The client had a strong preference for a standalone building for privacy concerns and they didn’t want a long-term lease. After searching the market, we located a fantastic standalone building that accommodated these requirements. This is just one of the examples of how we are reacting to our client’s needs, and finding creative solutions to finish the job!

Property Type: Class B Office
Tenant Industry: Behavioral Health Consultation
Size: 4,521 sf
Submarket: Northwest Near
Free Rent: 3 months
Tenant Improvements: New paint
Negotiated Discount: 25%
Parking: Free parking
Termination Option: Yes
Renewal Option: Yes
Right of First Refusal: Yes
Sublease Rights: Yes

Other Rights worth mentioning:

Landlord shall provide a warranty on all HVAC units for the first year, then provide an annual cap on tenant costs on any maintenance/repairs. Tenant also received a cap on operating expenses based on prior year numbers.

Chase McAteer

(904) 874-5822

Vincent Vega

(713) 575-2471