Oxford Agents: Ryan Hartsell & Chase McAteer

We helped a client with 20+ locations find an off-market building to lease with a purchase option. They were looking to convert one of their leases into an owned property, but the market in Dallas was incredibly tight. We contacted hundreds of landlords to find one owner who was willing to provide a 5-year lease with an option to buy at a set purchase price.

Property Type: Class A Industrial Warehouse
Tenant Industry: Wholesale Trophy Distributor
Size: 50,000 SF
Submarket: Dallas, TX
Transaction Type: Relocation
Free Rent: (2) months base rent abated
Tenant Improvements: $50,000 – $1psf
Negotiated Discount (%): 5%
Other deal points worth mentioning: LL installed new roof, finished office renovation, HVAC repairs, and warehouse repairs outside of TI allowance
Renewal Option:
Sublease Rights: Yes

Other Rights worth mentioning:

Tenant right to purchase the property after 5 years at a set purchase price Services or Solutions worth mentioning: Worked on off-market search for purchase options. Uncovered several options including the building above

Ryan Hartsell

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Chase McAteer

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