Oxford Agents: Perry Mazzone & Ryan Hartsell

We helped a client who was about to renew their lease, but did not think they could get the effective rate down because of the desirable location (bldg was 100% leased). We were able to tack on some free rent, improve the rental rate, and get them a TI allowance. Highlighted deal terms: Five (5) Months of Free Rent & $6 PSF of additional Tenant Improvement Allowance.


Property Type: Class B Office
Tenant Industry: Finance (Valuation Advisors)
Size: 2,856 SF
Submarket: Midtown
Transaction Type: Renewal
Free Rent: 5 Months
Tenant Improvements: $6 PSF
Negotiated Discount (%): 10%
Parking: Abated for first 12 months
Renewal Option: Yes

Perry Mazzone

(713) 401-8896

Ryan Hartsell

(281) 923-5660