Today’s digital world demands that most companies focus their real estate on maximizing utilization and efficiency while trimming costs.

Here are three areas to consider to make the most of your space:

1) Utilize second-generation space

This alone could save your company and/or your landlord a significant amount in build-out costs and time. It is also an opportunity to negotiate a reduction in the lease rate if the landlord expects to shoulder the cost of a build-out for a new tenant.

2) Share space and/or create co-working areas for employees

Sharing space with another division, branch, or a different company altogether can be a highly effective way of reducing cost while maintaining a standard that is in alignment with your brand. Co-working areas within your space eliminate the need for additional equipment and square footage. With so many businesses now encouraging remote working and collaborative environments within the office, this makes perfect sense and creates a win-win for everyone.

3) Shorten the timeline for your company real estate processes and establish standard communications protocols for all departments.

This is especially important in your operations and finance divisions where the greatest communication challenges tend to happen. Market trends require that companies act quickly and shorten the due diligence process to see a deal through.


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